ICT Consultancy

ICT Consultancy & Advice

We offer Professional Consultancy services for clients who require second, opinion on their ICT or Telephony projects or are in need of an independent professional guidance and assistance in dealing with other ICT companies bidding for work or designing new ICT infrastructure.


With over 30 years of experience we can help you better understand proposed ICT designs, implications for your current infrastructure, potential future problems and issues with the proposed designs and confirm if the prices quoted are correct for the project in question.

Spending little money on getting a professional guidance on matters of such importance as long term investments in ICT or Telephony infrastructure is worthwhile investment, bearing in mind the potential costs to your business if the project is driven by your suppliers need to increase profits instead of your business requirements.


We also believe in freedom and transparency, the length of the contract is not an issue, so we offer:


- A monthly rolling contracts for most of our products/services.
- Fair and square, crystal-clear pricing structure.


We can guide you as to what questions needs to be asked to ensure the proposed solutions really fulfill your requirements and safeguard the future of your operations.


We can help you better understand your proposed ICT designs, assist in improving performance, reliability and scalability of your infrastructure.

Support & Management

Our IT support and management services provide a cost-efficient way to manage, run and support your IT systems, applications and data

Need new IT systems or upgrades?

We can offer you, on-site or fully hosted (your own fully private cloud) solutions. We supply, install, configure and maintain either Windows-centric or solutions based on Unix/Linux at their core.

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Backup solutions



Backup and disaster recovery planning is essential to your business continuity. It is also neglected often. When it comes to backups, the word “paranoid” should not exist. If and when a disaster strikes, the very often only thing that will stand between you being able to recover and carry on business as normal, and closing up for good, is the backup.


We offer multi-layered on-site and remote, off-site, backup solutions for your data and emails to safeguard your business against data loss, data corruption or virus attacks.

Network Certifications



If you are installing new (or just want your old structured cabling certified) CAT5/CAT6 network infrastructure and your current contractor cannot supply recognised Certification on job completion; we can test existing or new CAT5/CAT6 structured cabling and issue Certification documents using RealWorld ™ certification equipment.


We can also supervise the work and ensure the standards are followed if necessary.

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